After you send us the items on the list of requirements and we sign the trademark agreement with you, we try not to place too many demands on you. We have a mandatory Trips for Kids® Policy that lists actions required by all Trips for Kids chapters on all rides. In addition, we ask that you participate in developing a strong nationwide network by:

  • Adhering to the mission statement to the best of your abilities, providing low-income or inner-city kids with new opportunities
  • Filling out a questionnaire every year that helps us keep track of statistics and other information that we use for grant proposals and other purposes
  • Using the Trips for Kids logo and name whenever possible so that our name and our mission becomes more familiar to people, which will enable us to get more kids out on bikes
  • Contributing to the Trips for Kids community by joining our listserve and maintaining active communication with other Trips for Kids chapters (be sure to let us know why you want to join when you fill out the form)
  • Leading a minimum of six rides each year
  • Meeting these TFK Chapter Requirements (.doc)

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The Wild Side

Most of the children we work with grow up in Central Denver, but rarely, if ever, have the opportunity to experience the wild, natural side of Colorado.

– Andrew Goodwillie, TFK Denver Director