This page is offered specifically for individuals/groups who are in the early stages of developing a Trips for Kids® chapter. Chapter Support contains resources for established Trips for Kids programs looking to make their program stronger.

  1. Nonprofit Incorporating - The Business Plan is a great document that asks the questions that you should ask yourself before you decide to incorporate as a non-profit.
  2. How to Form a Non-Profit Corporation, by Anthony Mancuso, gives step-by-step information in how to obtain 501(c)(3) status. Several TFK chapters have used this book and found it helpful.
  3. The IRS form that you need to establish your tax free status (and instructions for the form).
  4. Numerous state associations of non-profit organizations have emerged in the last 15 years. These associations provide services and peer-to-peer support for the non-profit sector. For a list of associations, visit the website of the National Council of Non-profit Associations.
  5. is an excellent site that provides links to other sites. You will find links to information about getting your 501(c)(3) status, fundraising, and developing business plans and even how to find donated computer equipment.
  6. Board Source provides assistance in forming boards. The most useful information is found in the frequently asked questions page.
  7. Charity Channel has a series of discussion groups addressing a variety of non-profit topics. They have a list called "charitystart," which is specifically for questions about starting a non-profit.
  8. Review the article titled Ten Common Mistakes of a 501c3 Non-Profit startup.
  9. Local REI stores can be a valuable resource for volunteers, equipment, and grants. Check to see if there is a REI store near your community. If there is one within 50 miles, contact their Outreach Specialist or Store Manager.

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Love of Mankind

In the midst of global problems whose enormity can be overwhelming indeed, philanthropy—the love of mankind—is an antidote. We invite you to help others as they introduce young people to mountain biking and healthy living.

– Barbara Harmon, The Catalogue of Philanthropy