Board of Directors

President: Chuck Lesem, Director of Planning & Treasury, Fremont Group
Secretary: Jason Davis, President, Data & Admin Services Inc
Treasurer: Shaugn Stanley, Former CFO, Thomas Weisel Partners LLC
Tayo Fadeji, Information Technology Professional, BioMarin Pharmaceutical
Patricia Gallery, Retired, Information Technology Industry
Alan Nichols, Founder and CEO, Specialty Media Accelerator Corp.
Marilyn Price, Founder and Director, Trips for Kids
David Stoll, Partner, Farella Braun + Martel


Our board members are most notable for their long-term commitment and active contribution to Trips for Kids®. Many of them have been involved with Trips for Kids from the beginning. Most notable is Marilyn Price, the Founding Director of Trips for Kids, who worked as a volunteer for the first ten years and saving Trips for Kids huge sums of money. She continues to work 70 hours a week.

Attorney David Stoll provides legal advice, and Patricia Gallery, a former Trips for Kids grant writer, continues to help with fundraising and events as a volunteer. With over fifteen years of experience in the technology industry and a strong ongoing connection to the technology community, Tayo Fadeji, helps TFK remain relevant and connected in the digital world.

Shaugn Stanley, a longtime volunteer on our rides and with our fundraising events, brings his talents for donor development. Chuck Lesem utilizes over twenty years of strategic planning, finance and information technology experience. Jason Davis, our accountant, applies a lifetime of working with small businesses and contacts from the local community. Alan Nichols brings years of marketing, PR and digital growth strategy to Trips for Kids.

Honorary Board

Robin Williams and Marilyn Price

The role of the Honorary Board is to increase recognition of Trips for Kids on an international level and further the goal of starting new Trips for Kids groups.

Peter Coyote, Actor
Gary Fisher, Founder, Gary Fisher Bicycles
Mickey Hart, Musician
Phil Lesh, Musician
Huey Lewis, Musician
Bonnie Raitt, Musician
Carlos Santana, Musician
Pete Townsend, Musician
Bob Weir, Musician
Thomas Weisel, CEO, Thomas Weisel Partners
Robin Williams, Actor (1951-2014)

Building Friends

Every kid should have a buddy every day like we have had today.

– Alex, age 11 (Oakland, CA)