Trips for Kids® has an excellent reputation with the cycling industry, media and funders. We have proven to be a positive force in children's lives and demonstrated to donors our responsible use of both funding and equipment.

Chapters receive the use of our well-know name and logo free of charge.

In most cases, after new chapters have booked two rides, we will be able to provide start-up equipment. (Unfortunately for the most part gifts will not be able to be sent to chapters that are formed outside of the United States.) The equipment includes:

  • 5 new mountain bikes
  • 10 helmets
  • 1 Park Tool stand & tool kit (if your group is all volunteer based and not under the umbrella of another organization)
  • 5 Trips for Kids t-shirts
  • 5 water bottles
  • 5 water bottle cages
  • 5 tubes
  • 2 portable first aid kits

We cannot provide enough equipment for an entire program, but it can get you rolling on a ride with small groups of kids as you build your fleet and your presence in the community.

We can provide assistance in getting additional bikes and equipment at discount prices for your program.

Trips for Kids has decades of experience in running a rides program. We share this knowledge freely with our chapters.

You will become part of a larger community of people who are dedicated to sharing the joy of mountain biking with kids. With this comes a built-in network of support including an annual newsletter, monthly updates, and frequent email communication with a network of Trips for Kids chapter directors to keep us all up-to-date, brainstorming and inspiring one another.

As a Trips for Kids chapter you are automatically an affiliated club member of IMBA. Visit to learn about the benefits for which you are eligible.

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Surprises of Nature

I found that when you are on a trail, nature can be full of surprises. If you listen carefully while you are out in the wilderness you can actually hear falcons yelling and flying all around.

–David, age 10 (Marin City, CA)