Re-Cyclery Bike Thrift Shop

Recyclery bikesThe best cycling bargains in the Bay Area are at the Re-Cyclery, where you'll find thrift store prices on new and used bikes, parts, accessories and bike clothing. The Re-Cyclery is also an excellent source for hard-to-find components, classic bikes and much more.

The Re-Cyclery is more than just a bike store; working to keep bicycles out of landfills by putting them back on the streets as affordable, environmentally friendly transportation. The Re-Cyclery is also the home of the Trips for Kids® after-school and earn-a-bike programs, providing a healthy environment and job training for kids in San Rafael's Canal District.

Recyclery mechanic at workIf that isn't enough of a reason to shop at the Re-Cyclery consider that sales from the Re-Cyclery covers 60% of all Trips for Kids' funding. So, by shopping there, you'll also be supporting our programs while finding great bargains and hard-to-find items for yourself.

Shopping at the Re-Cyclery, however, isn't the only way you can provide support. You can also donate your used bikes, parts, accessories or clothing, while getting a tax deduction.


Tue – Fri: 12pm–6pm
Sat: 10am–5pm
Sun: 10am–4pm

610 4th Street
San Rafael, CA 94901



Stop off and donate your used bike, running or not, and get a tax deduction.


Going Green

My car broke down and I was across the street and about to call a cab. I saw your shop and came over and bought a bike instead.

– Re-Cyclery customer